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Don’t miss out the experience of spending your next holiday with your Soccer team, family and friends. Not only you can enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, but also you can get to practice Soccer and play against local teams. Either if you are looking just for some relaxing friendly games against Mexican squads or if you intend to have a more professional and intense training for your team, Futbilly can arrange all your travel and Soccer needs.



PostHeaderIcon Why Cancun?

Because of its grand diversity and ability to please everyone with its top-notch beaches, great night life, ecological tours for the more adventurous, fabulous restaurants, exotic ruins and parks and so much more. Add to this the opportunity of having some training sessions and games in professional high quality soccer fields (11-a side or 7-a side). Consider also the surrounding treasures of this outstanding resort, such as the nearby islands of Holbox, Isla Mujeres, and the seaside fishing village of Puerto Morelos and Playa Del Carmen, each with its own charm and beauty and unique personality.



PostHeaderIcon Traveling by yourself and wish to play?

In Futbilly, we plan, organize, control and play in Soccer matches! If you happen to be traveling to Cancun, contact us if you wish to practice Soccer during your visit. We have several tournaments and games throughout the week, and we can gladly hook you up with a team to play with them. Mainly we run 7-a side Soccer matches. Just bring your tenis shoes (no soccer shoes with cleats required).



PostHeaderIcon A Costa Rican squad plays against Cancún’s ex-pro’s

On mid June 2013, Futbilly organized for the Cartago Group of Costa Rica a friendly game against a local team. Besides the game arrangements, Futbilly also took charge of land transportation during the group’s visit. The Cartago Group is an Amateur Vetaran’s team 45+. Each year the team travels for holidays to a different part of the world, and at the same time, they celebrate a few games against local teams.



PostHeaderIcon Swiss Football Soccer team visits Cancún

On March 2013, Futbilly managed the pre-season campaign of FC Wiedikon, a 2nd division professional Football Soccer team from Switzerland. Both the training sessions and friendly games against local teams. click here.



PostHeaderIcon Polish Veteran's squad vs Mexico

Futbilly organized for the Polish team “Reprezentacja Dziennikarzy” a series of friendly games against local teams during their visit through the Mexican penninsula in the beginning of 2012. It was an enriching experience that tigthents up the bonds between the Mexico and Poland, proving once more that Soccer unites people..




Futbilly is an organization dedicated to the development of Football Soccer in Cancun and The Mayan Riviera. Futbilly makes Football tournaments for Associations, companies and groups. Futbilly also coordinates pre-seasons for professional and amateur teams.